Commenting Out Code

Most programming and markup languages support the notion of comments, or regions of code which are ignored by the compiler/interpreter. jEdit has commands which make inserting comments more convenient.

Comment strings are mode-specific, and some in some modes such as HTML different parts of a buffer can have different comment strings. For example, in HTML files, different comment strings are used for HTML text and inline JavaScript.

Edit>Source Code>Range Comment (shortcut: C+e C+c) encloses the selection with comment start and end strings, for example /* and */ in Java mode.

Edit>Source Code>Line Comment (shortcut: C+e C+k) inserts the line comment string, for example // in Java mode, at the start of each selected line.

Toggling Comments

You might be looking for the actions Toggle Line Comment or Toggle Range Comment. They are available from the TextTools plugin, not jEdit core.