The Plugin Manager

Plugins>Plugin Manager displays the plugin manager window. It consists of three tabs: Manage, Update and Install. The Manage tab lists all installed plugins; clicking on a plugin in the list will display information about it.

To remove plugins, select them (multiple plugins can be selected by holding down Control) and click Remove. This will display a confirmation dialog box first.

To view plugin documentation, select a plugin and click Help. Note that plugin documentation can also be accessed by invoking Help>jEdit Help.

After you have tuned jEdit to your liking and want to install the same set of plugins onto another host, or another user's profile, you can export your currently installed plugin list as an xml file, known as a PluginSet. The Save rollover button allows you to save the list of installed and loaded plugins to an XML file. See the section called “Plugin Sets” for more information.

Plugins>Plugin Options displays a dialog box for changing plugin settings.