If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, you can use the wheel to scroll up and down in the text area. Various modifier keys change the action of the wheel:

Keyboard commands for scrolling the text area are also available.

View>Scrolling>Scroll to Current Line (shortcut: C+e C+j) scrolls the text area in order to make the caret visible, if necessary. It does nothing if the caret is already visible.

View>Scrolling>Center Caret on Screen (shortcut: C+e C+n) moves the caret to the line in the middle of the screen.

View>Scrolling>Line Scroll Up (shortcut: C+QUOTE) scrolls the text area up by one line.

View>Scrolling>Line Scroll Down (shortcut: C+SLASH) scrolls the text area down by one line.

View>Scrolling>Page Scroll Up (shortcut: A+QUOTE) scrolls the text area up by one screenful.

View>Scrolling>Page Scroll Down (shortcut: A+SLASH) scrolls the text area down by one screenful.

The above scrolling commands differ from the caret movement commands in that they don't actually move the caret; they just change the scroll bar position.