Multiple Views

As documented at the beginning of this chapter, multiple Views (main windows) can be open at once.

View>New View creates a new View, or main window.

View>New Plain View creates a new View but without any tool bars or dockable windows. This can be used to open a small window for taking notes and so on.

View>Close View closes the current View. If only one View is open, closing it will exit jEdit, unless background mode is on; see Chapter 2, Starting jEdit for information about starting jEdit in background mode.

View>Split Horizontally (shortcut: C+2) splits the View into two TextAreas, placed above each other.

View>Split Vertically (shortcut: C+3) splits the View into two TextAreas, placed next to each other.

Macros>Interface> Splitpane Grow grows the size of the currently focused TextArea.

View>Unsplit Current (shortcut: C+0) removes the split containing the current TextArea only.

View>Unsplit All (shortcut: C+1) removes all splits from the View.

When a View is split, editing commands operate on the TextArea that has keyboard focus. To give a TextArea keyboard focus, click in it with the mouse, or use the following commands.

View>Go to Previous Text Area (shortcut: A+PAGE_UP) shifts keyboard focus to the previous TextArea.

View>Go to Next Text Area (shortcut: A+PAGE_DOWN) shifts keyboard focus to the next TextArea.